During this uncertain time, due to Covid-19, the Razzle Family will not be applying face paint, Henna or airbrush/glitter tattoos until further notice.

Henna Artistry is $150 per hour

Servicing 8-12 people per hour

We honor the ancient tradition of Mehndi by offering beautiful Henna. We have all types and styles! All of our henna is organic and mixed locally with the highest grade sugar, essential oils, and distilled water or lemon juice

 WE WILL NEVER OFFER YOU BLACK HENNA! It is not safe and doesn't actually exist. 

All of our designs will last anywhere from 5-14 days depending on how long you leave the design and how well you take care of your design after the staining time. Please see below for more care instructions.

Thank you for letting us adorn you in this beautiful art form! Now let's go over how to keep your new tattoo beautiful and fresh for as long as possible!

Follow these steps as closely as possible and you will enjoy your Henna for a long time. 

1. Leave your fresh design on for as long as you possibly can. We would LOVE for you to leave it on for 12 hours; we also know that can be next to impossible (we get it, we're moms). A bare minimum of 2-8 hours is needed to achieve a good, dark stain. 

2. You may ask your henna artist to "seal" your tattoo after it has dried completely. This is just a simple process of spraying your design with lemon and sugar. This will be sticky, it's to keep your design stuck to your skin and it keeps it moist so it has time to stain further into the skin. Some Henna artists can use a taping method, after it dries, that will allow you to put shoes on or pull a sleeve down. 

3. Time to remove the Henna! Gently flake the dry henna paste off your design or take some oil (olive, jojoba) and a cloth and rub it off. After removing the henna paste, use a little more oil to gently moisturize your new tattoo. 

4. Your stain is going to be light and bright orange. It can take up to 3 days for the stain to develop and darken. Be patient. Keep it moisturized!

5. Stay away from water! When you shower, slather the tattoo with a little vaseline to protect it. Do your best not to get it wet for 24 hours after it's first been applied.

6. Stay away from scrubbing the tattoo or using exfoliating creams as the skin cells slough off, the tattoo will lose its' color and begin to fade.


Follow these instructions as closely as you can and you will have your beautiful design for anywhere from 7 days to 2 weeks! Enjoy! and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us! 

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